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About the Your Projects and Libraries category (2)
Injure - v1 (4)
Cloroutine v1 (14)
Speculative 0.0.3 and speculative/kaocha-plugin 0.0.1 (1)
[ANN] dumdom: A component library without React, API compatible with Quiescent (10)
[ANN] hx: A simple, easy to use library for React development in ClojureScript (1)
Speculative kaocha plugin (1)
[ANN] Metav: A lib helping versioning and releasing tools.deps projects, feedbacks welcome (10)
Next.jdbc -- early notes (16)
React-like hooks for reagent (1)
Announcing Kaocha, a new and improved Clojure test runner (15)
Expectations/clojure-test 1.0.1 -- a clojure.test-compatible version of the classic Expectations test library (1)
Respeced: you wrote fdefs... but how are you going to test them? (1)
Buran - bidirectional, data-driven RSS/Atom feed consumer, producer and feeds aggregator (8)
Test your (open source) project with instrumented clojure.core! (4)
Machine learning in Clojure with clj-boost (2)
A collection of Clojure(-Script) function specs written using Ghostwheel's gspec syntax (1)
Say-cheez - capture build environment information to display at runtime (2)
Katamari - towards a pluggable build system with Clojure support (1)
Clojurescript stock market/portfolio demo app (3)
Releasing d2q, a simple, efficient, generally applicable engine for implementing graph-pulling API servers in Clojure. Feedback wanted! (8)
Say hello to Clerk: In-page navigation for Single-Page Applications (14)
REPL support for new Clojure editor (6)
Olical/snowball - I've created a voice activated bot for Discord servers in Clojure (1)
A ClojureScript app exploring dozenal music notation (6)
Announcing: clj-github-app — a library to implement GitHub Apps (1)
Speck: concise inline function specs (20)
Experiment: A spec for Maven POMs, generated from XML Schema (2)
[ANN] scope-capture 0.3.0 (4)
New feature in scope-capture, what should I call it? (4)