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Olical/snowball - I've created a voice activated bot for Discord servers in Clojure (1)
A ClojureScript app exploring dozenal music notation (6)
Announcing Kaocha, a new and improved Clojure test runner (11)
REPL support for new Clojure editor (5)
Announcing: clj-github-app — a library to implement GitHub Apps (1)
Speck: concise inline function specs (19)
Experiment: A spec for Maven POMs, generated from XML Schema (1)
[ANN] scope-capture 0.3.0 (3)
New feature in scope-capture, what should I call it? (3)
Ghostwheel - Hassle-free clojure.spec, side effect detection and evaluation tracing for Clojure(-Script) (2)
Clojure2d v1.0.0 - generative/glitch art library (1)
Freeswitch-clj, a pure clojure interface to freeswitch event socket (3)
Announcing: cljs-test-display to display your ClojureScript tests (2)
Muuntaja, a content negotiation & formatting library for Clojure (2)
Schema-refined — powerful "refined" steroids for schema library (4)
Reagent/Re-frame control state libraries (1)
Announcing: spell-spec which will help bring figwheel like config error messages to expound (2)
CLI script made with clj which tells me if I should water my balcony (2)
Try Marginalia and let me know what you think of literate programming (17)
Spec-tools 0.7.0 (7)
Gadget: Tiny library to include reverse references when interactively walking Datomic's EntityMaps (1)
A call for Clojure stacks (4)
Clojure.spec.gen under the headlamp – quick demo of Gorilla REPL and Huri (6)
Cli-matic - a concise stub for command-line scripts (11)
A library for accessing React 16 context in Reagent (3)
Walkable: a new sql library: config driven, Datomic® pull syntax, flexible filtering with relations in mind (6)
Fastmath 0.1.0 - math library (5)
Derived Attributes For DataScript (2)
New introduction to Respo, a virtual DOM library in ClojureScript (4)