A library for accessing React 16 context in Reagent

After talking in another thread about how to properly theme a reagent application (especially one which is using SSR on Node.js), I decided to finally dig into how to use the new, official React context API with reagent.

A small library was born out of that:

It mostly works to paper over a lot of the boilerplate one needs when doing interop with React components that use children-as-a-function. It also is an effort to provide a more Clojure-y API around creating & using the context API.

A big reason I’m looking for some community support is to help fix some of the struggles with children-as-a-function & reagen, outlined in the gotchas section above.

Still though, I hope this saves someone else a weekend of work!


Neat! I can imagine this coming in handy when I need to interact with third-party code that uses Contexts.

In the other thread you mentioned that with-redefs didn’t work for your theming use case, but did you try binding? Its effects should be thread-local.

I made an update there :slight_smile: basically, due to some cleverness I’m doing to load data while server rendering, it would be very gross to thread the theme binding through each async context. I think that React context is something that could be better leveraged for this kind of synchronous state, and I think it opens up a replacement for other things where threading state through an application either requires props drilling, or global variables.

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