About React Server Side Rendering with GraalVM for Clojure at Nextjournal

I’ve written about react server side rendering leveraging graalvm’s polyglot abilities to run ClojureScript code in the context of a Clojure app. We use this in production at Nextjournal and are already thinking of and working on other ways to leverage the polyglot abilities, as this first use case turned out to work pretty great for us.


Happy to discuss pros and cons here!


This is pretty awesome! Graal has been in my periphery for awhile, and the promise of a truly polyglot environment is pretty great. Using it for SSR makes total sense!

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Just as a data point: I looked at various ways of doing server-side rendering and finally decided that I really want to keep things simple. So I used Rum’s server-side rendering, which works great, assuming that your reusable components live in cljc files (mine do). That way I only run Clojure on the server.

I’m very happy with this solution, given that these days I mostly optimize for lower complexity and fewer lines of code.


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