Announcing: clj-github-app — a library to implement GitHub Apps

Hi all,

Long time reader, first time poster here.
I started a library for using GitHub programmatically, with focus on new “GitHub Apps” way:

If you are implementing GitHub integrations or just handle webhooks, this can be interesting for you.

Some parts of GitHub API are only available if you authenticate as a GitHub App (not with a personal access token, not as a OAuth2 app), for example the new Checks API.

The code examples in the official docs are all in Ruby, which doesn’t make it easier :slight_smile:

The main part of this library is about transparently getting access tokens, with caching.
There is also a function to check webhook payload signature.

Would love to hear your feedback. Is it useful as it is? What can we add to make it more useful? Contributions are welcome as well.


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