Any history or stories related to nREPL?

Trying to play with nREPL but found it’s not as simple as expected. Made me curious how people are actually using it. Well, it’s APIs are not that friendly if I use ClojureScript(I’m not Java guy sorry). And Clojure added Socket REPL in 1.8 , while looks nice but does not appear to have very great influence. Curious…

Well, new stories I found路_clojureclojure86a158d/

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We used to run a nREPL server in several of our applications (even in production) and rely on being able to connect from Emacs over the VPN to our servers for debugging etc. But having all that machinery in the dependency chain for production apps seemed overkill so we dropped back to a simple socket server REPL and dropped nREPL completely (in production).

In development, each team member uses whatever they want. I use ProtoREPL from Atom, another team member uses nREPL and CIDER from Emacs.

I think the new prepl in 1.10.0 will allow simpler tooling to be built on top of the “out-of-the-box” Clojure experience.

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Interesting enough: JUXT, Blog – Overview of the nREPL