Anyone actively using Kekkonen?


Is anyone actively using Kekkonen? Any comments from past experiences?

master hasn’t been updated in six months, which is pretty glacial for how active Metosin projects usually are.

Alternatively, any other suggestions for a lightweight library for microservices?


I didn’t know about Kekkonen, for folks looking here’s the link.

At first glance it seems to take some concepts from Pedestal (although they mostly cite Fnhouse as inspiration.)

Metosin also maintains compojure-api, maybe they’re using that more for their own projects so Kekkonen doesn’t get as much love?

Maybe @ikitommi can comment? :wink:

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We are actively using it at Metosin in several long-running projects and know many others who are using it too. Still, have been busy with other libs (besides real projects) so it’s not actively developed. There is #kekkonen at Slack to get help if you decide to give it a spin. Now that I remembered, need to push the 0.4.0 version out. The docs are kinda non-existing, but the lib itself is really simple so should be easy to start.

Roadmap? Yes and no. Besides fixing last issues with upcoming compojure-api 2.0.0, just polishing out reitit, a new low-level library for building fast routers and dispatchers for Clojure(Script). Most likely we’ll publish the CQRS-stuff from an ongoing project on top of that as a separate module (web-sockets & http), superseding the current Kekkonen. Or there will be “Kekkonen 2” using reitit. But anyway, there should be a path to migrate apps.

Will add Pedestal to a source of inspiration!

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Thanks! Glad to hear the approach is still something you support, will look into it deeper.