Anyone knows the name of this library?

A while back I found a small clojure library for limiting the amount of emails sent to any specific person. It had a data structure that one could use to ensure that the same email does not get sent to the same person. It was not specific to emails, just a general datastructure.

Now, I want to use it but I just can’t seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know the name of the library?

Clojure has sets as a built-in data structure. You can quickly check to see if a value is in the set or not, or add a new element, or remove an existing element. Email addresses represented as strings are one example of a kind of value you could store in a Clojure set, but any immutable value can be stored in sets (with a few rare exceptions like ##NaN and regexes do not work well there).

Found it:

Sorry about my bad description.

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