Asking for suggestions, feedback (and feel free to contribute) on a re-frame SPA

Hello Clojure community.

I have been working on a Clojurescript re-frame SPA for some time for learning re-frame.

It is basically a tool to explore the bodies in the solar system, the data is pasted from Wikipedia and there are two repositories below, spheres-rh is a data visualisation (basic svg) and spheres-sounds is an audio synth using cljs-bach re-pressed and garden.

The idea with the synth is to explore the relations between those bodies and also to create music using the keyboard as the buttons are assigned to keys.

It is a WIP and some parts are very clanky, lots of refactoring is due and I’ll get to it.

The code is not optimised in any way so advice about more idiomatic re-frame events and views is welcome as well…

There is some documentation in the in docs/ as well as in the code but if anything is not clear drop me a note and I’ll explain/or learn a better solution.

I wonder if I can get people interested to suggest ideas, add issues, fork and PR in order to perhaps transform this idea for more extended uses.

Happy to receive any ideas here, or as issues in Github.

Synth code:

Synth working app:

Vis spa code:

Vis spa working example:

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