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Hi all,

A long time Java developer here, trying to make the leap to the FP/Clojure land and I was wondering if anyone can recommend an open source Clojure project(s?) clear enough for beginners to read and look at … Maybe even contribute to?

Also is anyone interested in mentoring?



Hey and welcome @khaled. It’s an interesting question, maybe we can use this thread to gather some Clojure projects with approachable codebases that are under active development / looking for help.

  1. There’s BraveClojure’s Open Source Projects list that has a lot of libraries. I’m not really sure how well maintained it is but I guess it could be a good starting point.
  2. I’ll also throw in cljdoc, which is a documentation site/platform for Clojure and ClojureScript libraries that I’m working on. It’s currently about 3k SLOC and definitely has it’s shortcomings here and there. It might not be the best thing to start with if you’re very new to Clojure. That said I feel like it’s a real-world application built on solid foundations. There are various issues that I think are good for first-time contributors and in general contributions are welcome. There’s also a #cljdoc channel in the Slack.
  3. braid — a threaded chat app written in Clojure that seems to be under active development.

Would be curious what else is out there too.

For ClojureScript (not Clojure) take a look at cljs-corpus, which contains self-contained applications in addition to libraries.

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Thanks @martinklepsch and @pesterhazy
Looks like I have a good starting point

Hi - If you want to look at the Tupelo Clojure library, you can see how I like to do things.

Tupelo is a library of Clojure utilities & helper functions, so each function is pretty much self-contained. This might make it easier than trying to learn a whole project with many interactions/dependencies.


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