Bibtex entry for clojure

Does anyone have a suggestion for the most appropriate citation I should give for Clojure if I reference the language in a scientific/academic paper? Many languages have a specification with a bibtex entry.

 author = {Gosling, James and Joy, Bill and Steele, Guy L. and Bracha, Gilad and Buckley, Alex},
 title = {The Java Language Specification, Java SE 8 Edition},
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 isbn = {013390069X, 9780133900699},
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 publisher = {Addison-Wesley Professional},


  author = {{Ansi}},
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  title={The Scala language specification},
  author={Odersky, Martin and Altherr, Philippe and Cremet, Vincent and Emir, Burak and Micheloud, Stphane and Mihaylov, Nikolay and Schinz, Michel and Stenman, Erik and Zenger, Matthias},

I would either cite or the source on github.

I’d like to avoid citing a or GitHub.

There is no other relevant thing to cite - those are Clojure’s official documentation and source. There are no other papers or published docs by Rich.

Clojure doesn’t have a specification unfortunately, and so no official publication of one either. So you’ll have to resort to online citations I’m afraid.

How about this one?
The Clojure programming language

  title={The Clojure programming language},
  author={Hickey, Rich},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 2008 symposium on Dynamic languages},
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