Can I write & run entire server with lumo?

Hey guys!
I’m wondering If I can use lumo instead of node to run my server on it.
I want to write simple server in clojurescript and be able to use some libraries from js ecosystem like passport.js and others.

There is a nice article on the topic

Check out this repo for examples of writing nodejs express servers with clojurescript

There is also

I am giving clojurescript + nodejs a try for my next app. So far so good. I chose, since the story for npm dependencies is really good and also very happy with it for my front-end app.


Thanks for the links!
So, shadow-cljs compiles down to javascript, right? And does lumo behaves different?

As far as I know lumo is “self-hosted” clojurescript. Meaning that there’s not more dependency on the JVM to compile clojurescript to js, it uses the javascript version of google closure compiler.

Shadow cljs uses the JVM behind the scenes, making use of the Java closure compiler.

Think the JVM version of closure compiler is a bit more advanced. Also the npm integration story might be better in shadow-cljs.

Also shadow-cljs is really actively developed/maintained, a lot of nice features have been added recently, lumo seems a bit less active.

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