Clj-refactor workflow (cljr-find-usages, cljr-rename-symbol)

Do you use clj-refactor, in particular cljr-find-usages and/or cljr-rename-symbol?

This is something that I really miss - I normally just do fulltext search and/or replace

Trying to use aforementioned functions give me these errors in our project:
Caused by: clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: [line 11, col 0] Invalid keyword: ::specs/warning.

I tried to use cider-load-all-project-ns (as suggested here: but it just keeps throwing those errors.
I guess that performance also isn’t great but it could be usable if it ever worked.

I do use it. It does require your project to be in a state where it compiles successfully to work. I’ve never gotten your error, so I can’t help much more.

Sometimes use it but really disappointed that it cannot be used with .cljc files.

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