Clojure Code Quality Visualization

Clojure Code Quality Visualization:

S expression is contour graph, can be very simple transformation into contour map, or 3D mountain map, if the height of the mountains is not high, and the altitude value is similar, it means that the quality of the code is good.

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Hi @linpengcheng, since you posted this under “Learning Resources” was there a resource you meant to link to? Is this something you’re working on? Or is it an idea you hope someone else will work on?

I’m sorry, I don’t know what tags is appropriate for this post.

I have some ideas but I don’t have time to implementation them, I think it’s useful for the initial quality control of team development, and if anyone feels useful, they can do it.

I don’t need clojure code quality visualization tools, because it’s the idea of using my pure function pipeline dataflow as a reference, and I’m a independent personal developer.

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