Clojure for Java Developers - looking for some feedback

I did this set of slides a while ago to be part of a number of tutorials for Java developers.

Would love to get some feedback!

Nice work! This is an incredibly dense amount of information to try to convey, and I like the way you are doing it. I saw just a couple of things that might cause confusion.

  • In your “Statements / Still: Just Expressions” slide you refer to def as ”top level bindings” and let as “local bindings”. They are really fundamentally different things which probably merit a bit more distinction.

  • In the first “Interoperability” slide you declare the plus field to hold a reference to the Clojure * function, I think you meant to call it times.

And do you think there is really much hope of anyone grokking “Multimethods 2” on a first reading? Fun stuff, sure, but overwhelming early… I guess as long as you mention it as “something cool to dig into once you’re ready.”

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Thank you so much for your feedback and taking the time to go through the slides.
Yes, it’s a lot to take in and there are definitely some bonus slides I should shuffle around.

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