Clojure <> Wolfram Language Study Group #2

Hello everyone :wave:

Tomorrow ( 18:00 on Thursday, January 27, 2022 in London, United Kingdom - ) we are meeting for a Study Group exploring ways of using Wolfram Language from Clojure.

Feel free to join via Zoom: Launch Meeting - Zoom

In our explorations we’re using GitHub - scicloj/Clojuratica at modern you can find some experiments from our last meeting here: clj-wl-study-group/dec2021 at main · qazwsxpawel/clj-wl-study-group · GitHub

Everyone is invited, no assumed knowledge about anything is required :wink:

Please keep an eye on the Zulip stream for more details: Clojurians

I’m hoping for this to become a regular hangout on each last Thursday of the month.

Thanks, see you tomorrow!


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