Compilation: math for Clojure(script?)

Having started down the road of data science, I find myself interested in ways of doing math in Clojure (for AI, mathematical modeling, and just plain learning) . I thought I’d share my list so far of math resources, welcoming additions and comments. In a week or two I’ll probably take what comes of this thread and make it into a blog post. Anyway, here is what I have so far:

Clojure[script?] Math

Clojure[script?] Math

Math in Clojure(script?)

neanderthal - Highly Optimized Linear Algebra

Primitive Math - for primitive operators

Fastmath - primitives, basic vector manipulation

Incanter - statistics/distributions/probability

Math in Java

Math in Javascript

Although thinking about the performance profile makes me cringe, there's still a need for these with the proliferation of web-apps and server-side javascript.

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