Disallowed keys error

Can someone tell me why I’m getting a disallowed key error on my form?
signup.cljs?rel=1522435857223:10 error:{:status 400, :status-text “Bad Request”, :failure :error, :response {:errors {:email disallowed-key}}}

I see in your services.clj your /register body uses the UserRegistration schema and is not expecting an :email key. A 400 is returned because of the extra field. Your form input names need to match the route’s schema.

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Ahh! You’re right! Ok, now it’s throwing a 500 but that’s better. Moving along. Thanks man!

Hmm, now more issues have popped up. Would anyone be willing to do a passive mentor deal with me. Preferably someone with some web luminus preferred, reagent/re-frame experience?

Ahh I see. Thank you!

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