EuroClojure 2018

Anyone know if there’s a EuroClojure conference planned for 2018?

What I keep seeing on the Clojurians Slack when this question is asked: unlikely (from @alexmiller, just in case he has something more to add).

And would you happen to know the reason for it?

As an alternative to EuroClojure, check out ClojuTRE:

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I have no idea – that’s why I tagged Alex.

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This has been confirmed, sadly, with an explanation:

Unfortunately, we were not able to organize a EuroClojure for 2018. Organizing a European conference from the US is difficult at best, and this year we lost our longtime conference organizer which made things triply hard. We very much intend to return in 2019; to do so, we need help from the community in Europe. We are looking for partners in Europe to help us with logistics, planning and organizing next years’ event. If you are interested or have suggestions, please reach out to:

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