Extending honeysql for postgres json, arrays

I had some fun in projects yesterday, re-emphasizing why Postgres is our DB of choice, and didn’t have too much trouble extending Honey to leverage those features. I write about it on my blog. Hopefully others find this as handy as I would have before figuring it out from git issues and postgres docs.



Very nice! I assume you’re also already using https://github.com/nilenso/honeysql-postgres?

I’ve recently taken over maintenance of HoneySQL from Michael Blume, by the way, and I’ll all ears for suggestions for vendor-neutral enhancements (vendor-specific stuff should go into the various HoneySQL extension libraries).

I always go to honeysql-postgres thinking it probably has what I want, but then am completely disappointed every time. What I want is always insert and read stuff, but they seem mostly about table-creation, upserting, etc. Plus, their whole readme uses the “helper” syntax rather than plain maps, which is further turn-off for me…

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