Heart of Clojure, 2&3 August, Belgium — CFP is OPEN

As announced earlier there will be a brand new European Clojure conference this year: Heart of Clojure.

It’s going to be a unique event, and you can be part of by submitting to our Call for Speakers. We’re looking for a wide range of talks, including technical, creative, and topics with social relevance.

Selected speakers will get a conference ticket and accommodation for themselves and a partner, as well as travel support.

The amount of travel support we can offer will largely depend on how many sponsors we can find, please have a look at our Sponsorship Brochure, and forwarded to any parties that might be interested.

Thanks a lot, and see you in summer!


I really like that you are making socially responsible software an aspect at the heart of the conference. :+1:

Have you set the ticket prices yet? I could not find that information on the site, so I was just wondering. :slight_smile:

No ticket prices are not set yet, we’re still waiting for some information from our suppliers (especially catering), as well as still looking for more sponsors to make sure our budget is healthy. Off the record I can say that with a high probability regular tickets will be between 90 and 150 euros (consider that it’s a two day conference).

Student and diversity tickets will likely be about half of the regular price, supporter tickets will be about 1.5 times the regular price. We’ll also have some number of free opportunity grant tickets that people can apply for. (we also hope to include travel/accommodation support with the opportunity grants, but again that will really depend on how the sponsorship drive goes).

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