I have found a program written in Clojure on Github. I want to run it on

Sorry for cross posting from ask.clojure.org but it seems like this seems like an important question for The Community to show off our language. I don’t have the windows know-how though. Can we help this person?

They need to provide a lot more detail about what they’ve tried, what failed, and specifically which project they’re trying to use. Downloading a ZIP from GitHub doesn’t sound like a very good start for the vast majority of projects…

The steps in short are:

  1. Look for a readme
  2. Look for tooling. Check for a project.clj (lein) or deps.edn and open them
  3. Do a $lein run or $clj to build and run. Just to be sure check the Leiningen site or https://clojure.org/guides/deps_and_cli

You have to understand the Clojure tooling, which is pretty straightforward (just try it out), and similar to most modern languages - you have commands to get builds (including getting dependencies) and run your project (as a minimum), like any other modern language (pip for Python, npm for JavaScript and so on). In Clojure’s case the other important functionality is to provide get you the prerequisites to interactive/REPL-driven development.

This is to run an open-source Clojure project, like you would find in Github. In production is Clojure applications are often deployed using uberjars, docker containers or application servers, although a non-trivial amount use lein to start apps on production as well (according to the last state of Clojure survey).

The OP here is not the one asking – you should post your answer on ask.clojure.org at the link given (the person asking the question has provided more detail – including the repo they are trying to run: it’s a crypto mining thing).

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