Integrated Continuous Testing Editor for Clojure?

Is there anything like Wallaby.js or NCrunch for Clojure?

Currently I am using lein test-refresh in a floating terminal but I would prefer a tool integrated into my editor like Wallaby or NCrunch.

Better Example:

LightTable used to work similarly to this, though last I checked LightTable hadn’t been updated in quite some time. CIDER in Emacs can display evaluation results in-line, and probably someone better than I with emacs-lisp could quickly hack that to occur continuously. Aside from that, you might also check-out Cursive. I don’t recall this feature being in there specifically, but it’s probably the most capable all-in-one solution for Clojure currently.

Atom + protorepl also has a ‘continuous inline evaluation’ feature - could be used to that end.

I had quick look at Proto-Repl’s continuous evalutation, it’s not quite as seamless as QuokkaJS or NightCode but for continuous evaluation is still a good option.

However I am more looking towards a tool to continuously run my tests as a write. I found a project on Github for Atom called Tester which looks promising but currently only supports JavaScript and PHP testing frameworks, I might look into implementing a version for clojure.

Emacs+Cider’s auto-test-mode?

Running tests automatically (test-driven development)

CIDER provides a minor-mode that automatically runs all tests for a namespace whenever you load a file (with C-c C-k). You can toggle it manually with M-x cider-auto-test-mode, or you can use:

(cider-auto-test-mode 1)
This is completely equivalent to manually typing C-c C-t C-n every time you load a Clojure buffer. Also, as described above before, CIDER is smart enough to figure out the namespace containing the tests.

Thanks. I had a quick play with this but it required keeping a test results buffer open which is similar to having a terminal open with lein test-refresh running. I was hoping for something more integrated into my editor so that I could save some screen real estate.

Something like this in Cursive but I couldn’t find a way to make the tests auto refresh in Cursive.