Is figwheel current state of art for cljs web development?

I feel funny asking this, but I’m not seeing anything informative on the web, so far. I used figwheel very happily for some small web projects, but that was at least three years ago. Just wondering if this is what a lot of people are still using to make Clojurescript development interactive, or if there is an alternative that I should consider.

Well, now you would use figwheel-main instead. It’s a rewrite of figwheel, works with any build tool, and is the actively maintained one.

But, the new contender on the block is shadow-cljs, which is a build tool specially targeting ClojureScript and it comes with live reloading built in. It’s big selling point is ease of use and support for NPM, it can auto-generate externs and easily lets you define JS dependencies, without needing to rely on cljsjs.

I recommend you give shadow-cljs a try, lots of people raving about it. Though nothing wrong with sticking to good old lein/deps + figwheel-main either.


Thanks didibus. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

I personally don’t have an NPM-orientation, but I’m not against it, and I can understand why it’s important to many people. Does shadow-cljs also use the JVM, or does the NPM basis mean that’s it’s all Clojurescript/Javascript, with the JVM not involved at all?

Yes, internally shadow-cljs runs JVM for compiling .

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