January 2018: Introduce yourself!



Hi Everyone,

Apologies for doing it so late after registration. I am Pankaj (Pronounced: Punk + edge). I am a web developer for yrs now my last job was about Rails/Go/Nodejs but mostly the first two. I have on and off learnt clojure, i have completed 2.5 books on clojure. Clojure for the brave and true, Clojurescript Unraveled, and currently reading Joy of Clojure. I made a small tetris in Om/clojurescript.

I have studied lisp/scheme in the past, and implemented a scheme interpreter in C.
So not a lisp noob i like clojure because of the amazing API compared to other lisps. and even better than scheme srfi’s.

Haven’t build a full backend in clojure yet, looking forward to learning some framework soon.
Any suggestions on what to study for the backend does Joy of clojure cover any backend stuff?

BTW, i live in India.

Github : github.com/metacritical
Twitter : @pankajdoharey

Thanks and Regards.


Hey Inge, are you aware that DNV GL uses a Clojure-built platform for digital coaching? DNV GL is a Cognician customer! It’s awesome to find out that DNV GL also builds with the Clojure stack! :slight_smile:


Very cool :slight_smile: I’m not a leader so didn’t use your software so far!

DNV GL is a very large organization, so it’s hard to get an overview of what everyone’s doing. But so far we bumped into one more team doing Clojure full time, in Spain :slight_smile:


Yes, I do speak Chinese.


Would you like to join us on WeChat?



My name is Maris. I work as clojure[script] developer. I enjoy programming in clojure :grinning:
I am from Latvia but I live in London now.