Jointprob group: initial brainstorming

Following our announcement earlier this year, we are finally organising the Probabilistic Modelling & Bayesian Computing study group under the name Jointprob.

See the tentative details on the group’s page.

As a first step, we will have a brainstorming meeting, to get to know each other and discuss the desired directions, style, and format of the group.

Here is the registration link with the meeting details:

Hoping to see you there,
Ishan Mistry
Daniel Slutsky
The group organisers

Why is Scicloj initiating this study group?

Scicloj is an open-source group working on a stack of tools and libraries for data science using the Clojure programming language.

A few of us care a lot about the probabilistic/Bayesian paradigm and find it a promising approach in general

Moreover, we believe there are some common core ideas in common between Clojure, the programming language, and Bayesian Statistics, the scientific method. They both seek simple, coherent, and conceptually clear solutions to problems, and they have both dared to diverge from mainstream approaches in order to achieve that.

The Scicloj approach to building a data science stack is based on building bridges to other languages and ecosystems. This seems compatible with the spirit of the Bayesian community and its subcommunities, where different technological flavors respect and learn from each other.

Creating a polyglot study group – one where different programming languages and styles of thinking meet to learn together – is also a way to challenge ourselves to learn more about other ecosystems, and hopefully encourage friends from those ecosystems to be curious about Clojure.