Js-interop: a JavaScript-interop lib for ClojureScript. Now available on clojars, testing/feedback welcome

I announced js-interop on Twitter about a week ago. It’s a small library of operations that mirror Clojure functions like get, get-in, assoc!, etc, an alternative to goog.object utils or host-interop / dot syntax.

I explained my motivation in the readme, and have added short examples to each docstring, which you can browse on the cljdoc api page.

At the time the only way to use it was as a git dep. I now have automated tests, and builds deploying to Clojars. You can give it a try via the following coordinates:

;; lein/boot
[appliedscience/js-interop "0.1.11"]

;; deps.edn
:deps {appliedscience/js-interop {:mvn/version "0.1.11"}}

Looking for feedback / bug reports

If you are a frequent user of host-interop syntax and goog.object/* utilities or similar, I would encourage you to try out js-interop and report any feedback/bugs here or as a GitHub issue. I’ve been using it for my own projects for about a year, but some features are rather new and I’d like to discover any bugs or edge cases sooner than later.



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