Kind-of-Ordered Programming - [Are We There Yet?]

Sometimes I like to cook.
A recipe usually has explicit ingredients list. And it’s not a list.
It’s a tech debt of writing/printing.
Take ABC as example: am I better than U?

I sense we have the same omission of direct and explicit notation of “inherent” data structure and overuse particular text-based visual representations in our current state [of software development].

If ingredients list is not a list, then what is it?
A set? Not really.
A set of subsets?

One of the best way to clarify “inherent” structure is to throw it in bankruptcy (aka ruin) process.
As soon as you try to ruin your recipe with ingredients “list” you will find several subsets/chunks, like:

  • don’t even start without, try another dish, relax
  • not really “that taste” without this part
  • authentic

All ingredients are equal, but some ingredients are more equal than others.

Ingredients “list” has inherent structure of “chunked kind-of ordered set” - a list/vec of sets.
List/vec overuse order.
Map/set underuse order.

And notation of inherent structure is missed.

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