Learning resources for data orientated design

In Clojure we replace a lot of traditional DSLs (SQL, HTML, CSS etc) with libraries that use data representations of those languages, which means those DSLs are malleable to being manipulated by Clojure’s operators

This is great if you need to make copies, edit, replace, delete anything about those languages at run time, if you had a chance to convince someone using a different language why this might be a good idea using one link/talk, what learning resource would you use?


Great question! I hope this gets some attention. I’ve been feeling that learning to use data also is about learning to put data in the center.

I’d point towards @weavejester’s work:

Do you feel that this addresses your question, or did you think specifically about domain specific languages to represent some external language?


Yeah that addresses my question thank you, I myself need to learn about the value of defining the core of applications with pure data, had my eye on integrant for a while but never tried to use it for anything

I’m glad it helped!

I’m not a Duct/Integrant expert myself, but I feel that I’m learning a lot about design just trying to use it. I looked at Integrant first, but I found that it still left many choices open. Duct, on the other hand, is more opinionated. After having spent some time on Duct, I feel that I’ll be more comfortable structuring applications in the future.

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