Meet, an interactive website to find clojure functions

Meet, an interactive website to find clojure functions.
Hope you find it useful.

A lot of functions are not supported yet. It relies on the specs in the project. If you miss anything, please let me know and I’ll do those specs first.


This is pretty cool! I will pass it around to my co-workers and see if it can help them in learning Clojure. It looks like it should make it easier to find the correct functions in core.


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I tried inc [1 2] and expected to find map filter etc. But nothing appeared. It seems you need to put poth the args and ret specs.

Suggestion: make it work only for one of the input, it will work more like hackage.

Nice project by the way, and thanks for taking the time to out it together.

Hi DjebbZ,

It should already work like that. If it doesn’t, it’s a bug. I just tried and map, filter, etc. came up.

Could you make a screenshot of what you are seeing? Also, please send the SHA that is shown at the bottom (should be (a7aa3bbec3d01de0) right now), browser and output from browser console.

My bad, I tested on mobile and the keyboard added a major letter the I of “Inc”. Not suggesting to disable case sensitive because Clojure is sensitive. Thanks for quick answer!

No problem. I did find one other issue: when you input the function inc, it’s printed like function object in the results table. I now changed it to printing just inc.

Perhaps this could be a way to make mobile use more bearable:

Thanks! Deployed to

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I think it’s super cool! Bravo! :smile:

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