Meeting video: Christopher Small about Oz

Here is the video of yesterday’s meeting, with @Christopher_Small’s talk about Oz:

Moderator: @jr0cket.


Thanks for posting these! I really liked the last video with Python integration.

I’m just able to view this video in 360p. Are YouTube coversions slow, or will this video not be available in higher resolution?


@teodorlu, thanks – that is strange – I can see 1080p.
Could you please try another browser?

Tried again now, and 1080p works without issues. All good!

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I also transcribed several of @Christopher_Small’s Oz/Vega-lite demos from the video and made them into a runnable notebook. Sometimes video font sizes leave something to be desired.


@schmudde wonderful!

I’ll add a link at the video description.

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Glad it’s on high res now. For the record, I’ve noticed that when posting things to youtube, it does sometimes take several hours (probably longer for longer videos) to get higher resolutions processed.

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Amazing! Thanks so much for doing that @schmudde!

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And thank you for posting @daslu! And more generally for everyone who participated; Was quite a fun time :slight_smile:

For the record, I figured out what the issue was with the live-reload! not working. This is a regression in 1.6.0-alpha3. If you go back to 1.6.0-alpha2, this is still working. I’ll try to release an alpha4 soon with everything in order.

Thanks again! Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

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