Ml-study 18: machine learning pipelines with

Here are our plans for the coming weekend.
Please write to me about which session(s) you are planning to attend.

For Zoom link, discussion, and more details, please follow the ml-study / planning ml-study 18 topic thread at the Clojurians Zulip chat.

ml-study 18: machine learning pipelines with

This weekend at ml-study we will have basic learning sessions about machine learning pipelines with @Carsten_Behring 's library.


We may organize sessions for the following time slots.

The three sessions will be self-contained and independent, all with the same agenda.


In each session, we will read through the tutorials at the documentation and practice some parts of them, going as far as we get in two hours. We may practice and explore further as we wish throughout our conversation.
We will probably not spend time with a conceptual introduction to machine learning. Rather, we will focus on learning to use and discuss its ergonomics.

Assumed knowledge

  • We will assume familiarity with Clojure.
  • To appreciate the sessions fully, it is recommended to review or read about the basic notions of supervised learning, such as training/validation/testing, overfitting/underfitting, hyperparameter tuning, etc.
  • It is also recommended to start reading the documentation, so that you can help out others.


One person will be sharing the screen, demonstrating and explaining, and we will help that person and think together as a group. If you wish to be that person, please reach out to me beforehand, as you’ll need to set up your environment and read through the tutorials.


In general, everybody is invited to try things at their own machine during the session. After the sessions, everybody is invited to pick some data problems or existing machine learning tutorials and practice further.


As usual, we will record the sessions but share the recording only at Zulip, for the friends who miss the session.

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