Need help with compiler error in existing project please

I am trying to get this project working in vscode and Calvo. I cloned it, and am half-way through the fire-up demo, but I can really use some help if anyone can clone this project and help me why I see compiler errors in core_spec.clj file. I assume the author used Intellij ultimate edition, which I guess I can download and use the eval version. But I really like the vscode/calvo setup, and I am going through the learning process but it would be great if I get some help. Thank you in advance.

P.S. I am also trying to login the slack forum clojurians but I am not having much luck. Do I need to be invited to it or something? I already have a slack account for a different channel and I can connect to it just fine. Not sure why it says “sorry you entered incorrect email and/or password” I am logged in already. I tried to search for clojurians as a channel; it looks like there is no channel with the name clojure

Regarding Slack - your account is not a Slack account, it’s a Slack server account. So your credentials that you use to log into some Slack server won’t work with another Slack server - you have to create a new account.

Thank you so much. I’ll give it a try right now.

Do you know where to go to create a new account? I do not see it on this page or other pages on slack site. I am assuming I can not use the same email either?

Try, it’s mentioned on Clojure website - I think it creates an automatic invite link or something like that.

I am in. Thank you so much.

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could be that clj-kondo is not recognizing the describe macro, even though it’s referred.

I recall clj-kondo doing this before. I think it’s related:

I would guess you can just ignore it, since these are not compiler errors, they are the linter complaining because it does not understand enough to perform static analysis.

Thanks to your help, I was able to run my first function. Thank you so much.

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