Olical/cljs-test-runner - Run your ClojureScript tests through deps.edn easily

Hi there! I’ve just released the first version of my ClojureScript test runner. It automatically finds and executes CLJS test files for you in node or phantom through doo. The repo has a lot more information: https://github.com/Olical/cljs-test-runner

I hope you find it useful! I’m planning on combining it with https://github.com/cognitect-labs/test-runner to test my Clojure and ClojureScript files with one command each using the Clojure CLI.


I just wanted to chime in and say that this is really great. More Clojure(Script) tools should ship as simple libraries.


Thanks a lot! I want to make more small, focussed tools with concise documentation. I feel like deps.edn and the Clojure CLI make this so much more viable and user friendly.

If the community builds small things that are easy to understand, use and maintain we could then build things that compose these tools for beginners to use while they’re getting started.

Seeing this already uses Doo, it probably makes sense to support other environments supported by Doo also, like headless Chrome.

Not related to the tool itself, but as you probably already know, Unlicense is going to deter some (few) users.

Definitely, just requires adding a rule so it knows how to handle that target. It’s really easy to add another handler.

I was just going to do node originally since that’s all I need, personally. I added phantom so there was some sort of browser option for people. More options are more than welcome!

And what license wouldn’t get in the way? Creative commons? I hate licenses with a passion and honestly don’t care, so I use The Unlicense everywhere since it’s extremely permissive. I just want to remove all random legal restrictions. Advice is appreciated.