Online Talk: Logic programming with clara-rules (by William Parker)

Event Link:
Time: 2020-09-08T17:30:00Z

Title: Logic programming with clara-rules

This talk will show how highly complex business logic can be more easily encoded and maintained in code using a rules engine than with more traditional approaches, with the added ability to respond to external events impacting a subset of a program’s logic more efficiently than would be typically achievable with such approaches. It will also show how this can be done in a way that idiomatically integrates into a larger Clojure application.

Presenter: William Parker (

William has been working primarily in Clojure for over 6 years. He used Clara extensively in production in a prior role and continues to contribute to the project. He Is now one of the main committers to the project.

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Hi all,

The recording of this event is now available online:


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