R/programming - Oracle now requires a subscription to use Java SE

I see Reddit already locked that post because it’s an extremely misleading headline (to be charitable). This only affects the LTS (Long-Term Support) schedules. The vast majority of people use Java SE without a subscription today and that really will not change!


Yes. The title is misleading. I just curious how many existing JavaSE/OracleJDK user will follow the 6 month release schedule instead of paying for the security update subscription, or just moving to OpenJDK?

Your question is a false equivalence. Many Java users stay on older versions for a long time, without a support subscription anyway. There are still large companies using Java 6 and Java 7 without support contracts. The new release cycle is most likely to cause those users to simply skip versions (and continuing to upgrade on their current slow schedule to whatever is the current version at the time).

It actually seems this could be better for small shops, since it sounds like the minimum price has gone down quite a bit: 25$ per month per processor instead of the prior one time 5k per processor + 1100$ per year per server.

So maybe more people will be willing to buy into the premium features.


IMHO it makes sense. If you want maintenance for old versions in a business environment, you pay for it. If not you use OpenJDK.


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