Reading last paragraph of Getting Clojure while rolling into Leuven

…which reads:

As I said when we started out, I can’t teach you Clojure. I can only be your guide. You have to make the journey yourself. But as you read the last chapter of this book, know that you are well on your way: you have become part of the Clojure community. So let me leave you with one final thought. Like everything technological, Clojure is an artifact, something that was built, a tool that you can learn and use. But like everything technological, Clojure is also a starting point, a place where you can begin the journey to the next thing. It’s up to the community of Clojure programmers—which now includes you—to push on. [emphasis my own]

Which I think is a very nice coincidence (and a great book) and now the train is stopping and I have to hurry to get out.

EDIT: Adding a bit of context now that I have time: Leuven is the lovely (from what I saw during my walk to the apartment) town where Heart of Clojure will take place this week.

And it’s my first conference ever, looking forward to it and just a little bit more hyped because of this lovely last paragraph when Russ Olsen mentions the Clojure community out of nowhere :heart:


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