Recipe-Oriented Programming - [Are We There Yet?]

Sometimes I like to cook. And I never taste a recipe, I always taste a food.
We live in buildings, not in blueprints.
Meanwhile I sense we have too much emphasis on “code” side and too little emphasis on “RT/VM” side.

Have your code ever solved any problem. Nope. It was a process that ran your code.

It’s like an old curse. You have to close your eyes to control you RT/VM/REPL.
What names are already in use?
(ns-interns ns)
What is the current value of foo func?
#object[user$foo 0x133aacbe “user$foo@133aacbe”]
Will it change if I reload/retype my code again?
Good luck.

In “code” you just read. You don’t need any additional tools/actions/requests.

Why do we value RT values less than code values? Aren’t they (RT) more valuable?

vvvvalvalval has a good note about Stu’s REPL Debugging: No Stacktrace Required:

What the blog post does not mention is that oftentimes, this first step (recreating the local environment) can get very tedious and error-prone; especially when the values of the environment are difficult to fabricate (HTTP requests, database connections, etc.), which can be the case for online programs such as web servers, or if you don’t have a keen knowledge of the project.


I don’t have a response to add. I just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying this series and I hope you keep it going! Thanks for giving me things to ponder.

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