Scicloj Workshop: Introduction to the measures of statistical inference

Useful inferential statistics does not have to be just the domain of data scientists. This workshop follows examples in the book Statistics is Easy by Dennis Shasha and Manda Wilson, along with other real world examples to demonstrate concepts of fairness, p-value, confidence intervals, power. All concepts will be explained purely using functions from the core clojure library.

Few people remember statistics and often have to refer to books to apply formulae, hoping that the underlying distribution and its assumptions satisfy the needs of the formula, however the magic and the assumptions can be made concrete and clear by using randomization techniques collectively known as resampling.

In the workshop, we will simulate an experiment and analyze it statistically, answering the following questions: how accurate is the measurement likely to be (confidence interval), and could it have happened by mistake?

About Me:
I currently work at Barracuda Networks as a Principal Engineer, working on platforms that collect store and make over 100 million emails searchable everyday.

Workshop Length & Structure:

  • Two sessions 45 minutes each.
    • The first session(04/03/2022 9 AM PST) will cover experiments used to understand significance tests most commonly used for AB experiments where an A is the normal occurring pattern and B is the observed pattern. We are trying to answer the question is B significantly different from A. We will talk about p-values in depth and look at some practical examples
    • The second session (04/10/2022 9 AM PST) will include experiments that compare two groups to determine where each group has a range of values. In addition to saying whether the groups are significantly different from each other we will try to understand the measure of the difference between the groups(confidence intervals) and concepts of false positives(power). If time permits we can talk about other practical considerations such as outliers.


  • Workshops will be held on Zoom
  • We will use a thread on Zulip for chat


Most but not all of the workshop session(s) will be recorded. We will announce when the recording stops & starts.


To sign up for the workshop: Click the Going button at the top of this post. (You can also use the Add to Calendar to add the event to your calendar.)

We will share a link with participants in the thread 48 hours before the workshop. We recommend following the #scicloj-workshops thread on Zulip. The link will also be shared there.


Looking forward to this!

Last time, @rohit’s workshops were fantastic – here is one of them:


Dear workshop participants, this workshop will unfortunately not take place this weekend due to illness. We are, however, going to reschedule it probably for a few weeks from now. So please stay tuned! Sorry for the inconvenience.