Share your Clojure expertise at Functional Conf 2022 - Call for Proposals (closes January 15)

Have you devised an innovative or novel application of Clojure? Have you solved a tricky problem using FP? This is a great opportunity to share what you’ve been working on. If it’s related to functional programming, Functional Conf would love to hear from you!

Talks, demonstrations and experience reports on deep technical topics related to Functional Programming are being sought.

Functional Conf is Asia’s premiere functional programming conference. The event runs 24-26 March 2022 and due to COVID uncertainties will be held online. You can learn more about the conference and submit your proposal here: Functional Conference

Submissions close: 15 Jan 2022

Here’s a short video of past speakers sharing a little of their experience at Functional Conf: Want to speak at Functional Conf 2022? - YouTube

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Over the course of 3 days, you’ll get cutting edge insights from global thought leaders, practitioners and developers from prominent FP languages (this could be you!).

The conference is designed to help attendees:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of FP
  • Learn how others are leveraging FP to solve real world problems
  • Explore practical usages and gotchas in FP concepts from experts
  • Exchange real-world experience with your programing peers

If you are just getting started with FP or work with it everyday, you’ll love Functional Conf 2022!

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