Test your (open source) project with instrumented clojure.core!


Any open source projects interested in running their tests with instrumented clojure.core?
I’d be happy to submit a PR to turn on https://github.com/borkdude/speculative/
We support: clojure, clojurescript and self-hosted clojurescript.

Currently the easiest way to enable speculative:
Add dependency [speculative 0.0.3-SNAPSHOT], require [speculative.instrument :refer [instrument]] and call (instrument) before running the tests. As this is a snapshot version, use with caution.

If you’re running into problems, open an issue at https://github.com/borkdude/speculative/ or visit the #speculative channel on Clojurians Slack.


Looks great! Also – seems like we’ve been more or less working on the same thing:

I linked to your repo and will check out the code soon.


Interesting! I was just watching your clojure.set specs:

We are having a discussion about what those specs should be right now at:

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.


A complete set of specs for core would be very useful for interactive tooling as well.