There other languages besides Clojure using name spaced labels (AKA keywords)?

Out of curiosity, I don’t know any other language besides Clojure that supports doing labels with a namespace. Is there another language out there that supports it like a primary class thing, with the possibility to alias (so it doesn’t get too tedious to type) and this features, or just Clojure is encouraging the use of long names to describe information in associative data structures?


XML. XML has universally identifiable namespaces via URIs and namespace aliases in the form of element prefixes. Which is why it maps so beautifully to Clojure data structures, see data.xml.

Not sure if this qualifies as ‘labels’ or perhaps you are asking about programming languages?

@glts, I agree we can consider XML a namespaced language, but in this case I’m looking for actual programming languages, is Clojure the only player in the game doing it?

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Also wondered about this and asked around, but no luck.
As far as I know clojure it’s the only one. Kinda makes sense since clojure is data oriented and most languages are OOP or/and Typed don’t think it adds that much value there.

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