Use ClojureScript from npm packages with Lumo

Hello folks,

I wrote a small post about lumo reading Cljs from it for whoever is interested in npm packaging.

I know I published it everywhere already but here I think it can sparkle interesting conversations.

The rationale behind the approach is to have more friendly ClojureScript tooling for JS developers especially on the node side. Lumo’s non-JVMness means that the foreign things to the JS world can be completely avoided, things like Nexus/Maven.

With packages on npm folks can get up and running in minutes, managing everything from npm/yarn. Another way to think of it is because of the high ROI, JS tooling moves faster for the better or the worst, still, it does. Getting JS folks on board will move Cljs tooling faster as well. IMHO, of course.

Enough words, so the link is here:

I am also going to leave here a link to a recent project I am contributing to that is producing a js bin for direct consumption (through npx or npm/yarn run):

Happy coding!


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