Using Lightmod on Linux

So although I’ll probably continue to use Spacemacs, I thought that it’d checkout Lightmod anyway.

For Linux, you need OpenJFX, and what I did was just clone the mercurial repo via

hg clone

Although my only guess is that I need to copy the contents of the created ~/rt directory where all the OpenJDK stuff is located (/usr/lib/jvm/openjdk). Not really sure if that guess is right or not, so if you all know please share :smile:

Oh P.S. we should have editor/IDE tags (it just be editor or like emacs, lightmod, vscode etc…).

Hey, just FYI, you only need OpenJFX if you want to build Lightmod yourself. The deb and rpm packages on the website don’t require any OpenJDK or OpenJFX installation to work. It might be the easiest way possible to get a Clojure web dev setup working on Linux :slight_smile:

Thanks man! I just pulled the executable out of the data.tar.xz in the .deb package and it works fine.

So I guess while I have your attention; what plans do you have for Lightmod. It’s a pretty simple UI right now so I’m just curious.

I’m thinking of adding a built-in documentation viewer for all the libraries that are bundled with it. And longer term, I wanna figure out a way to make deploying the apps easier, since right now you need to export your project and know how to deploy a jar. AFAIK there isn’t really a tool like this for other langs, there are lots of possibilities.