Want to Write Clojure about food full time in the S.F Bay area

Hi I’ve been doing Clojure full time for five years at Yummly and it honestly the most fun place I have worked.

We do a little bit of everything in Clojure around here,

  • a search engine
  • mobile APIs
  • clojurescript + Om
  • Lots of automated intrastructure and security projects
  • fun with machine learning (much of this in Python and Scala)
  • “fun” with Clojure+Docker
  • Internet conntected ovens (ie: awesome cooking robots)

If you’re interested in chatting about doing these things professsionally (and or working with me) I’d love to hear from you.


What is the experience level of people you hire for clojure ?

personally I’m a believer in the smart and gets things done hiring philosophy over years of experience with a tool. there are people at yummly who come from lots of very diverse backgrounds and experiences.
enthusiasm for Clojure is important for this team most people we have worked with didn’t know much Clojure when they joined.

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That is good to hear for a change. Do you hire remote or only onsite?

we’re looking for people who can be here in Redwood City most of the time, at least to start with.

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“Climate Best By Government Test.”

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Since you said you’ve got people from diff backgrounds - if you’re interested in taking a finance industry refugee, let me know :wink:

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