Week 3: What are you working on this week?

You’re all doing these amazing things, whether it’s for work, open source, or some personal project, and that’s great and all except for the fact that we can’t see what you are doing!

So what are you working on this week? Maybe are you implementing an exciting feature, fixing mundane bugs (or writing them?), or are you caught in a massive yak shave? Share! :slight_smile:

Learning Rust in my free time. My, the compiler is a serious assistant here, best error message ever seen. It oftens tells you exactly what you need to change to make the code work. I just regret that Rust doesn’t have a Lispy syntax, but then there’s Carp

Still working on my re-frame app and started using Datomic recently. It is truly amazing. To show off its capabilities I built two things that are way harder in SQL:

  • a search that uses the history database
  • generated queries (easy in Clojure because queries are regular data structures)

Next up: retrieving the history of an entity (i.e. “changes”) and displaying them in the UI.


Trying to use clj for scripting common tasks I often do (generating offers, etc). At the moment, not really happy with it:

  • No shebang syntax
  • External deps
  • Parameter parsing

But I think I’ll have a post for my rants :roll_eyes:

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I added support for MarkLogic version 9.0-3 to the Clojure Marklogic library Uruk, which I maintain.

This release was a little unusual in that I had to dive back into pure-Java-land in order to report what appears to be a bug in the Java library that Uruk wraps.

I also bumped the project to Clojure 1.9, which was boring and uneventful, just the way I like it.

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I’m working on the lambda island site, adding a shopping cart so people can buy individual videos. I’ve been making some workflow improvements along the way.

I added a component that keeps the last 10 ring requests around, and based on that added (last-request), (last-response), and (session) helpers in user.clj.

I also made some improvements to the test setup. So far I had been running the test suite against my dev database, but instead they’re now being run against a test db which gets recreated on each test run. I’ve also added some helpers to load data from edn files, and two repl functions, (dev-db!) and (test-db!), so that I can switch back and forth when running tests from the REPL.

It’s been a bit of yak shaving, but I’m really happy to have these things in there now.

For a client I’m doing several one-one-calls to help devs with their Clojure setup and workflow.

I’m also (at last) recording the next Lambda Island episode.

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I’m working on gradually porting ditaa to Clojure from Java (it’s a ASCII->diagram project I first released 14 years ago), and I’ve started with the unit tests. I’m also reading about natural language generation, and specifically the FUF/SURGE surface realizer and thinking what it would take to reimplement in Clojure.


I’m working on a personal fork of Luminus.

Luminus is great, but I’m implementing some kind of jwt authentication in close to every project, so it’s time to add it to the template.

Working on a set of libraries for creating stream processing applications including fullstack web apps.


I’ve been mostly focused on cljdoc last and this week doing little else actually.

Here’s some more background: https://github.com/martinklepsch/cljdoc/issues/3

I’m incredibly excited about this project. Let’s make Clojure documentation awesome, together!

:clojure: :clojurescript:

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