Week 4: What are you working on this week?

You’re all doing these amazing things, whether it’s for work, open source, or some personal project, and that’s great and all except for the fact that we can’t see what you are doing!

So what are you working on this week? Maybe are you implementing an exciting feature, fixing mundane bugs (or writing them?), or are you caught in a massive yak shave? Share! :slight_smile:

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Collecting data I’m going to use to train some machine learning to eventually spot newsworthy items as they hit r/new.

Working on improving the hellhound.io guides and tutorials and hopefully release the first alpha version.

Enhancing documentation for my lib to include:

  • examples with images (evaluated during doc generation)
  • categorization
  • auto-generated sections (like list of constants)
  • math formulas

All based on metadata, codox and markdown.
This is quick and dirty solution based on string manipulation but I think some of the elements could be easily built into codox or cider.



Coding a visualisation for product roadmaps and long-term project planning. I am using ClojureScript and PixiJS (cljsjs/pixi) for that purpose. Goal is to have a highly interactive visualisation where you can move parts of the diagram around. Therefore I decided to go with PixiJS instead of e.g. generating SVG graphics.

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More work on my CLJS React wrapper (inspired by RUM). Currently this works:

(defc ShowUser
  [user exp? 
   [{:keys [expanded?] :as ls} ls!]]
   {:rum/local {:expanded? false}
    :init-state {:expanded exp?}
    :props/will-mount (when (user-loaded? user)
                         (load-user! user))
    :key (:user/id user)}
  [:div {:on-click #(ls! update :expanded? not)} ...])

So lot’s of macro stuff. ls (deref’d local state) and ls! are both automatically injected. Binding highlighting work in Cursive automatically. :props/will-mount (etc), :key and :init-state all have access to all passed arguments since it’s automatically wrapped in an fn. I get a nice warning when I introduce new map keys into local state (if I accidentally write (ls! update :expadned? not)).

Also playing around with Java Poet since I might write a faster clojure.core/apply with it (basically translating my CLJS apply optimizations to clojure).

I’m working on making a command line time tracker, inspired by ledger-cli. You have to manually add entry to a plain text file about the money you spent/received and then ledger shows you interesting aggregates and balances. It is very useful to track your personal finance.

Similar to ledger, I’m making a utility to track personal time. How much time you sleep everyday, time spend in actual working, routine tasks etc. Currently I got a pomodoro styled timer with OSX desktop notification and logging working.
These logs are compatible with ledger-cli. So you can actually use ledger to see how much time you spent on each task.
Here’e the link: https://github.com/anuragpeshne/ttracker

I worked on starter template based on boot. Aiming towards providing an extensible setup for
starting clojure(script) projects.

Also this is my first clojars package :grinning:

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Still trying to push Rum/Sablono to adopt React 16.

Love the results in the Codox generated docs.

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I am pretty excited about learning Datomic - Spun up a Datomic Cloud solo instance, and have been going through the “Teach yourself Datalog today” tutorials.

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I like what you’re doing here! Any thought to making the examples tests? That is, for instance, specifying per-function tests that can take a metadata flag that tells the doc system to export the test as an example? Seems like it might save some work and help make sure that the examples stay in sync with the codebase.

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Yes! I have this in mind. Providing expected result enables option to create test as (is (= …)). I’m extracting currently my poc into external library.

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Great! I look forward to seeing the library. :slight_smile:

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Preparing to start our first ever public-facing Clojurescript project at our company. Until now, we’ve been a Scala shop.

Our team of 3 will be attending ClojureSYNC next month to help stir up enthusiasm and hit the ground running.

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