Weird REPL message: "Deferred parameters have not been cached!"

I’m working in IntelliJ (v2020.1) using Cursive (1.9.2-eap4-2020.1), and fairly recently when I go to do a Restart REPL (⌘-R) while the code is running, I get the message in the event log saying:

**Error running 'REPL for** *projectname* **: Deferred parameters have not been cached!**"

What is this error trying to tell me?

I’m not sure what I should go fix or what behavior I should change.

From my perspective, it’s only recently started doing this. Not sure why.

Try asking in the #cursive channel on Clojurians slack.

Thanks. So new, didn’t know it existed. Much appreciated.

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Clojurians slack is probably the most active Clojure community. Many Clojure users (myself included) use that for getting help with issues, often directly from the source.

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In case anyone else runs across this thread – @simongray’s suggestion to hop on the Clojurians Slack web site, join the #cursive channel, and ask for help worked out great.

Turns out the “Deferred parameters have not been cached!” is a bug in cursive that appears to happen when you have a local REPL that’s running and you try to restart it… other factors may be that it’s a Lein project and that there may still be running background threads with unresolved promises / futures / defers. Anyhow, someone’s looking into it.


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