What do you think is the fastest way to pick up ClojureScript and build apps

…pick up ClojureScript from scratch, from zero Clojure experience.

I got my own answer actually, but I guess it might be different?

I started with both the lein figwheel template as well as chestnut.

Chestnut was attractive to me as I wanted a simultaneous clj and cljs environments, so that’s the template I know the best.

Alternatively, I hear (but haven’t looked into it so much) that boot scripts are a very minimal way to get a cljs build up quickly


Well, my own answer is shadow-cljs since it’s just a cljs compiler, rather than something like a task manager with plugin systems to learn.

can’t you use figwheel on top of chestnut? #newbie here

replying to myself “It provides a solid default configuration for a REPL driven workflow, a ClojureScript setup with separate dev/prod/test builds, Figwheel integration (…)” #yes

Yes indeed - I was listing the lein templates that I looked at when starting to pick up clojurescript. Figwheel has its own lein template. EG: lein new figwheel hello-world

I quickly was recommended Chestnut as it hosted both clojure and clojurescript development simultaneously.