What use cases do you see for clojure.datafy?

Clojure 1.10 includes a new namespace: clojure.datafy.

The dev change log describes it as: clojure.datafy is a facility for object to data transformation. The datafy and nav functions can be used to transform and (lazily) navigate through object graphs. The data transformation process can be influenced by consumers using protocols or metadata. datafy is alpha and subject to change.

A quick google pulls up some related discussion:


I’m hoping we’ll find out more at the Conj at the end of the month. I’ve played with the new “tap” system and that’s very cool for assisting with debugging – but I’m looking forward to hearing about more interesting uses of it – but I haven’t yet figured out a use case for datafy but I’m thinking it would go well with the new prepl stuff. Stu Halloway hinted (on the Apropos podcast recently) that he would be talking at the Conj about some tooling he’d been using… and of course Rich is giving a mysterious-sounding keynote too… so we could hear about all sorts of cool, new stuff!

Not long till the conj. It will be interesting to see what gets put in the spotlight. I’d love to see some innovation in the debugging space around the “tap” system.

I imagine datafy was extracted from the code behind datomic.api/entity.

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