Which feature made you choose Clojure(Script)?

I guess people use Clojure not only because it’s designed well. Many languages are designed well. What’s the reason you choose Clojure? Is that because of some specific features?

I started Clojure and ClojureScript since having the same language on the server and client was too good to pass up. Everything else was just bonus.

I gave up a couple times trying to learn emacs/paredit/etc all at once. Glad I stuck with it though.

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I believe JavaScript is more cross-platform. And with WebAssembly more languages will come.

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I would not choose JS over the JVM for just about everything, I only do JS because I have to (in the browser). I’m quite happy with Clojure+JVM on the server and I don’t see that changing anytime soon even with WASM.

One other advantage of CLJ(S) is the excellent native interop, so I can do things in other languages if I need to.


Me myself chose ClojureScript because of persistent data structure.

Before that I was using React, with immutable.js and CoffeeScript. With CoffeeScript, I don’t have to use JSX in all my code. And immutability is essential to uni-directional data slow. Besides, I became disappointed about JavaScript community, which made ClojureScript a reasonable choice to keep exploring React and uni-directional data flow.

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It seems that Clojure, as a Lisp dialect, has some unique features comparing to other mainstream programming languages. I got more curious about what people have built with those features.

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At the beginning, it was a tooling, when developing web apps with the reagent, figweel and so on. Then I just fell in love with the way Clojure treats the data.

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